Explore specification of all 2011 UG Renault Logan MCV 1.6 MPI LPG

Home / UG / 2011 Renault Logan MCV 1.6 MPI LPG Fuel type gasoline, UG vendor, inline engine, displacement 1596 cc., engine location front, transmission type manual, 5 seats, curb weight 1280, body type wagon, cylinder bore 79,5 mm.
  • Body: Wagon
  • Year produced: 2011
  • Capacity (cc): 1596 cc
  • Catalog number: UG
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelBodyFuel TypeVolumeTransmission
UG441999 Renault Grand Espace MinivanGasoline2067 см3Manual
UG4N1953 Renault Fregate n\aGasoline1997 см3Manual
UG4U1985 Renault Fuego HatchbackGasoline1300 см3Manual
UG4H1952 Renault Fregate n\aGasoline1997 см3Manual
UG4R1959 Renault Fregate 2100n\aGasoline2141 см3Manual
UG492008 Renault Grand Espace 1.9 dCi AvantageMinivanDiesel1870 см3Manual
UG4F2011 Renault Fluence 2.0 Automaticn\aGasoline2000 см3Automatic
UG4J1960 Renault Fregate n\aGasoline1997 см3n\a
UG4W1980 Renault Fuego GTS AutomaticHatchbackn\a1647 см3Automatic
UG4M1956 Renault Fregate n\aGasoline1997 см3n\a
UG4Q1957 Renault Fregate Grand Pavoisn\aGasoline2141 см3Manual
UG4C2012 Renault Fluence 1.6 Automaticn\aGasoline1600 см3Automatic
UG4B2012 Renault Fluence 2n\aGasoline2000 см3Manual
UG4S1980 Renault Fuego 2000 GTXHatchbackn\a1995 см3Manual
UG4E2010 Renault Fluence 2.0 Automaticn\aGasoline1500 см3Automatic
UG4Y2004 Renault Grand Espace MinivanGasoline1996 см3Manual
UG4D2011 Renault Fluence 2n\aGasoline2000 см3Manual
UG4K1955 Renault Fregate n\aGasoline1997 см3n\a
UG4T1980 Renault Fuego GTSHatchbackn\a1647 см3Manual
UG402005 Renault Grand Espace MinivanGasoline1998 см3Manual
UG462004 Renault Grand Espace 1.9 dCi AuthentiqueMinivanDiesel1870 см3Manual
UG482007 Renault Grand Espace 1.9 DCi AvantageMinivanDiesel1870 см3Manual
UG4O1957 Renault Fregate n\aGasoline1997 см3n\a
UG4V1980 Renault Fuego TurboHatchbackn\a1565 см3Manual
UG4P1980 Renault Fuego Hatchbackn\a1397 см3Manual
UG4X2000 Renault Grand Espace MinivanGasoline1998 см3Manual
UG412002 Renault Grand Espace MinivanGasoline1998 см3Manual
UG432003 Renault Grand Espace MinivanGasoline2068 см3Manual
UG472005 Renault Grand Espace 1.9 dCi AuthentiqueMinivanDiesel1870 см3Manual
UG4I1958 Renault Fregate n\aGasoline1997 см3n\a
UG452002 Renault Grand Espace 1.9 DMinivanDiesel1869 см3Manual
UG422001 Renault Grand Espace MinivanGasoline2068 см3Manual
UG4A2010 Renault Fluence 2n\aGasoline1500 см3Manual
UG4Z1998 Renault Grand Espace MinivanGasoline1998 см3Manual
UG4L1951 Renault Fregate n\aGasoline1997 см3Manual
UG4G2012 Renault Fluence 2.0 Automaticn\aGasoline2000 см3Automatic
UGN41983 Renault Siete 1.1n\aGasoline1106 см3Manual
UGNN2003 Renault Scenic II 1.6Minivann\a1598 см3Manual
UGNU2007 Renault Scenic II 2.0 PrivilegeMinivanGasoline1998 см3Manual
UGNH2008 Renault Scenic 2.0 Turbo ExceptionMinivanGasoline1998 см3n\a
UGNR2007 Renault Scenic II 1.9 DCi Expression 1.9MinivanDiesel1870 см3Manual
UGN92000 Renault Spider RoadsterGasoline1998 см3Manual
UGNF2007 Renault Scenic 2.0 Turbo ExceptionMinivanGasoline1998 см3n\a
UGNJ2006 Renault Scenic I Expression 1.9 dCiMinivann\a1869 см3Manual
UGNW1979 Renault Siete n\aGasoline1036 см3Manual
UGNM2003 Renault Scenic II 1.5 DieselMinivann\a1461 см3Manual
UGNQ2003 Renault Scenic II 1.9 dCiMinivann\a1870 см3Manual
UGNC2005 Renault Scenic 2.0 RX4 PrivilegeMinivann\a1998 см3Manual
UGNB2008 Renault Scenic 2.0 RX4 ExpressionMinivanGasoline1998 см3Manual
UGNS2006 Renault Scenic I Privilege 2.0 AutomaticMinivann\a1998 см3Manual
UGNE2005 Renault Scenic 2.0 DY AutomaticMinivann\a1995 см3Automatic
UGNY1976 Renault Siete n\aGasoline1037 см3Manual
UGND2007 Renault Scenic 2.0 DynamiqueMinivann\a1998 см3n\a
UGNK2006 Renault Scenic I Expression 1.6MinivanGasoline1598 см3Manual
UGNT2004 Renault Scenic II 2.0TMinivann\a1998 см3Manual
UGN01981 Renault Siete 1.1n\aGasoline1108 см3Manual
UGN61996 Renault Spider RoadsterGasoline1998 см3Manual
UGN81984 Renault Siete 1.1n\aGasoline1108 см3Manual
UGNO2007 Renault Scenic II 1.6 AuthentiqueMinivanGasoline1597 см3Manual
UGNV2006 Renault Scenic I Privilege 2.0Minivann\a1998 см3Manual
UGNP2007 Renault Scenic II 1.6 Expression AutomaticMinivanGasoline1598 см3Automatic
UGNX1980 Renault Siete n\aGasoline1037 см3Manual
UGN11978 Renault Siete n\aGasoline1037 см3Manual
UGN31985 Renault Siete 1.1n\aGasoline1108 см3Manual
UGN71997 Renault Spider RoadsterGasoline1998 см3Manual
UGNI2005 Renault Scenic 2.0 RX4 SportwayMinivann\a1997 см3Manual
UGN51974 Renault Siete 1.1n\aGasoline1108 см3Manual
UGN21982 Renault Siete 1.1n\aGasoline1108 см3Manual
UGNA2008 Renault Scenic 2.0 AvantageMinivanGasoline1998 см3n\a
UGNZ1974 Renault Siete n\aGasoline1037 см3Manual
UGNL2003 Renault Scenic II 1.4Minivann\a1390 см3Manual
UGNG2006 Renault Scenic I Authentique 1.6MinivanGasoline1598 см3Manual
UGU41986 Renault 21 2.1n\aGasoline2067 см3Manual
UGUN1988 Renault 19 TXEn\an\a1721 см3Manual
UGUU1979 Renault 20 n\aGasoline1647 см3Manual
UGUH1992 Renault 19 Chamade 1.8 MPIn\an\a1794 см3Manual
UGUR1981 Renault 20 n\aGasoline1645 см3Manual
UGU91993 Renault 21 n\aGasoline1721 см3Manual
UGUF1989 Renault 19 Chamade 1.7n\aGasoline1721 см3Manual
UGUJ1992 Renault 19 Chamade 1.8 SPIn\an\a1792 см3Manual
UGUW1977 Renault 20 TSn\an\a1995 см3Manual
UGUM1992 Renault 19 Chamade 1.9 Diesel RNn\aDiesel1870 см3Manual
UGUQ1988 Renault 19 TREn\an\a1236 см3Manual
UGUC1992 Renault 19 Chamade 1.2i RNn\an\a1169 см3Manual
UGUB1992 Renault 19 Chamaden\aGasoline1390 см3Manual
UGUS1977 Renault 20 2n\aGasoline1993 см3Manual
UGUE1994 Renault 19 Chamade 1.4in\aGasoline1390 см3Manual
UGUY1976 Renault 20 TL Automaticn\aGasoline1645 см3Automatic
UGUD1993 Renault 19 Chamade 1.4in\aGasoline1390 см3Manual
UGUK1989 Renault 19 Chamade 1.9 Dn\aDiesel1948 см3Manual
UGUT1976 Renault 20 TLn\an\a1647 см3Manual
UGU01991 Renault 21 n\aGasoline1721 см3Manual
UGU61986 Renault 21 1.7n\aGasoline1721 см3Manual
UGU81987 Renault 21 Nevadan\aDiesel1869 см3Manual
UGUO1980 Renault 20 n\aGasoline1647 см3Manual
UGUV1977 Renault 20 2.0 Automaticn\aGasoline1993 см3Automatic
UGUP1978 Renault 20 n\aGasoline1647 см3Manual
UGUX1977 Renault 20 2.1 Dn\aDiesel2067 см3Manual
UGU11989 Renault 21 1.7 GTS Hatchbackn\an\a1721 см3Manual
UGU31987 Renault 21 n\aGasoline1721 см3Manual
UGU71988 Renault 21 Nevadan\aDiesel1870 см3Manual
UGUI1991 Renault 19 Chamade 1.4in\aGasoline1390 см3Manual
UGU51986 Renault 21 2.0 GTX Nevadan\an\a1998 см3Manual
UGU21992 Renault 21 n\aGasoline1721 см3Manual
UGUA1995 Renault 19 Chamaden\aGasoline1390 см3Manual
UGUZ1986 Renault 21 n\aGasoline1719 см3Manual
UGUL1989 Renault 19 Chamade TXEn\an\a1721 см3Manual
UGUG1992 Renault 19 Chamade 1.4in\an\a1388 см3Manual